Realisation November 2019 - October 2020

Direct commission

Client Luma Konzept AG

Client representative JPEV GmbH

Team: Markus Stern, Marco Zürn, Andrea Tumova, Marius Mühleisen

In collaboration with Emma Thomas Landscape, Photography Maris Mezulis, Scherler Elektroplanung,

Bad & Konzept, Jauslin Stebler Ingénieur & Bauphysik, A+F Brandschutz, 4Spaces



A  [ 鵬 ] Peng is a hybrid creature from the chinese mythology and the eponym of the restaurant and bar in Basel.


Dumplings are small chinese dough wrapped fillings, handmade with seasonal ingredients and steamed in bamboo baskets. This classical chinese speciality is interpreted by the chef with international and swiss influences.


Peng Basel is itself a hybrid creature. The space is split in half by a corridor with dining on the left rendered in white and bar to the right in black thus creating two distinct atmospheres in the same location. Automated sliding doors serve as a gate between one and the other world.


The former restaurant space was upgraded according to the latest standards with simple plaster walls, a concrete floor and new acoustical measures.


In the backyard, the former bakery was transformed to a manufacture with views to the kitchen. A large rooflight attracts people into the depth of the space and a green courtyard offers outdoor seatings under the Ginko tree, surrounded by wild vines and jasmine plants. In summer, the vertical sliding windows can be opened for take-away and to the street.


The motif of perforated bamboo steamers is taken as the DNA furniture element of the restaurant. Large C-shaped food sharing tables enable service from the inside and these can alternatively function as traditional turning tables with a turning plate in the centre. A custom furniture collection for the Peng brand was also developed combining untreated maple wood and smoked oak.